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Our Mission

To lead in research and development of innovative health systems, in order to optimize individuals' health behaviors, quality of life, and access to services.

Research that:

  • Sets the standard in the field of interactive health communication technologies
  • Improves treatment delivery systems in the behavioral healthcare field
  • Is innovative and scientifically rigorous
  • Evaluates the outcomes and processes of use
  • Results in understanding the different needs of individuals who use the programs or services
  • Translates to new development and improvement of health information technology or treatment delivery

Development of interactive health communication technologies that:

  • Use appropriate technologies for audience
  • Contain up-to-date, balanced and accurate information
  • Are tailored to specific health issues and based on the needs of those who will use it
  • Are easy to use and provide anonymity
  • Offer a variety of ways to access information, emotional support, and tools for decision-making, health risk reduction, and chronic disease management

Implement process improvement methods that:

  • Identify barriers for patients and their families
  • Use existing resources to improve services
  • Reduces duplication of effort
  • Identify systems that no longer work
  • Increase the chance that new systems are effective from the outset

Dissemination that:

  • Expands channels of distribution through mutually beneficial partnerships to reach the widest population
  • Builds alliances between providers, payers, and policymakers
  • Communicates research results to a diverse audience
  • Uses a collaborative learning model that emphasizes peer networking and coaching

Team Values

  • Passion for meeting our user needs
  • Commitment to the vision and mission of The Center
  • Team collaboration to set and achieve goals
  • Respect for and promotion of diversity
  • Open, respectful, and honest communication
  • Participatory decision making and leadership
  • Creativity, innovation, and fun at work
  • Recognition of high-quality work
  • Opportunities for personal and professional growth
  • Flexibility with accountability

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